La bahia

La bahia is a breasfast and restaurant. At Padul 3 street. It has got chicken pasta and breakfast. The restaurant is wonderful cakes. For delicius breakfast. It open every day from 7.00 am at 11.00 pm


By: Alejandro Sánchez Clemot

Alejandro Sanchez Clemot


Pedro Acosta Alcaraz


On Sunday morning 24th may the last year. Alhama played against Cb Otura at sport centre's Armilla.There were 300 people.The game was so hard. The first half they owned us. We're 21-11 winning Alhama, but they got greedy and then they threw the game. At the end of second half, we returned and won the game.Later we finished 31-28. The people and friends were screaming and so excited for our victory. Later we celebrated the victory with our friends in kiosko's Pablo.