By: Pablo Torres Rodrígez


Cristina Morales Medina

Restaurant review

  • Name of retaurant: Loft
  • Type of restaurant: modern
  • Adress: C/ San Anton (Granada)
  • When it is open: from 12: a.m. until 11:30 p.m.
  • Types of food: small dishes
  • Adjective to describe the food: good and wonderful food


By Pablo
Loft is a moder food at stret San Anton (Granada). It´s open from 12:00a.m. to 11:30p.m. The food is a small dishes but top quality. It´s a expensive that other restaurant for quality and service

restaurant review

  • name of restaurant: lago di como
  • type of restaurant: pizzeria

Pablo Torres Rodriguez
Hip-Hop Party
On Saturday evening, 11th May. “Al-andalus hip-hop party” exhibition the dancers and singers, in Fuente Vaqueros (Granada).The audince was surpised because the dancers were doing very good. The were 100 participant from Spain, Italy, portugal and France. The exhibition there one of the best in Spain.

Jesús Manuel Martín Velasco
Were are the champions
On sanday mornig, 25th May. In Otura VS Alhama sport center we played at the ten o'clok. Were seenring an macht. We weare lasing for point, at half same, the started thow the game because they ot greedy, then weare cold to trun the game and win for theere point was 28-31 Alhama lose Otura.