Final circuit winter at swiming …...

On saturday 11th may 2013, Armilla pool because decide champions of Granada.Of the participat at the club's La zubia,Monachil, Ogigares ,Villanueva del mesias ,vuetor tajar and my club Alhendin .
Ogigares is a club important and Alhendin is very important.Is a well times record is the 29 second at preuebet batefly.The winwer at final winter at swiming is a club Alhendin at 42 medals and wrore is a Armilla club at 2 medals . The event stars at 8:45 at mornig at finish at 15:30 aternoon.
Is a fantastic day !!!! By: Óscar López Ruiz.

The final football...

On 2nd the may the 2013 is final football is saturday. The footballer is play the football. The match during is 90 minut, partch each. The winner is the championship is ogigares, the scorer is Alhendin.
By: Francisco Jiménez Zurita.