Suspiro del Moro
by: Ana Velasco Velasco

The Suspiro del Moro is a family restaurant, in the avenue Suspiro del Moro. It has got something for everyone: all kinds of meats, fish and wine. Also you have cakes and other specialites. For a food in family it fences to the singn of Suspiro del Moro. It´s open from 8,00 am until 10,00 pm.

See you there!

Restaurant review
Name of restaurant: Suspiro del Moro
Type of restaurant: is a family restaurant
Address: avenue Suspiro del Moro
When it is open: 8,00 am
Types the food: fished and meats
Adjetives to describe the food: delicious and tasty

by: Rocío Sousa Fernández

The Boaddil is a family restaurant, is near the road from Granada. Have all kinds of foods eg: meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, also have wine. They open at 10:00 am and close at 11:00 pm

Rafa Nadal
On Sunday evening,12th May, Rafa Nadal played tennis againt Stanislas Wawrinka at Madrid. The game was dificult. Rafa Nadal in second of the games take off six points.Then, Rafa Nadal score again and people shouted excitdly when spanish score was high.
At the end last seventy-one minutes the score was (6-2) and (6-4).The was third part was very difficult. Rafa Nadal finally won Stanislas Wawrinka. Rafa Nadal won the prize.