The Gondoliére is a restaurant family, but I don't know where is. The food is delicious pasta and excellent italian food. It's open from 12:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m.
It's excellent

Zara JImenez Prieto 3ºC

The Guerra is a fancy restaurant family. Their food is varied as fish, meat and specialty cakes. The restaurant is located in Huetor. Is open 12.00pm to 12.00am. I give five stars.

Ángela Luque Alarcón 3ºC

The Olimpic Games

Of 2012 in London started the Olimpic Games. The games is very dificulty and very fantastic. The swimming synchronize is the fantastic competition that consist of the swimmer does exercise of synchronize in the water. At the end the swimming synchronize
they (the spanish) compete against Russian and more countrys. They did one exercise how if be fishis. Stayed in second position and winer the medal of silver. The seats full of peoples. Finally the spanish token a memory at home.

Ángela Luque Alarcón 3ºC

The race in Barcelona

On Sunday 12th May, Fernando Alonso ran in the race of Barcelona. The race was very amazing and in the race have, 500 person with my and my father. Fernando Alonso started in the position 6th. Then he advance of some drivers, but at the end of the race Alonso stayed the first! The score was: 1º Fernando Alonso, 2º Sebastian Vetter and 3º Felipe Massa.

Zara Jimenez Prieto 3ºC